Birchmount Gymnastics Centre’s Code of Conduct includes our philosophy, how we treat others, gym rules, and duty of care.

Our Philosophy

At Birchmount Gymnastics Centre, we strive:

to ensure all athletes and coaches develop and maintain great

to help athletes and coaches become leaders and good citizens,

to instill in athletes and coaches the importance of teamwork and professionalism,

to help athletes and coaches set their own goals and to support them in achieving those goals,

to keep the spirit of gymnastics alive,

to ensure the health and safety of our athletes, coaches, and members, and,

to support our athletes and coaches in being well-rounded in other sports and activities.

How We Treat Others

The aim of this Code of Conduct is to promote a safe and healthy environment for all members of Birchmount Gymnastics Centre and identifies the standard of behaviour that is expected of members and participants.

This Code of Conduct applies to all members of Birchmount Gymnastics Centre including, but not limited to athletes, parents, coaches, officials, organizers, managers, volunteers, and employees.

This Code of Conduct applies to all matters that may arise during the course of Birchmount Gymnastics Centre's business activities and events, including but not limited to the office environment, the parent viewing area, competitions, practices, training camps, travel associated with competitive activities and any meetings of staff, committees, parents or athletes.

Every member of Birchmount Gymnastics Centre must show respect and understanding for the rights of fellow members and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of the organization.

All members of Birchmount Gymnastics Centre shall maintain and enhance the dignity and self-esteem of members and participants of Birchmount Gymnastics Centre by demonstrating respect to individuals regardless of gender, ethnic or racial origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, religion, political belief, disability or economic status.

All members will refrain from public discussion, including but not limited to any written or electronic discussions/chat rooms/blogs, Instagram, Kik, Facebook, Snapchat or other social media about  Birchmount Gymnastics Centre, its employees, athletes or members, and all other members of Gymnastics Ontario, including other clubs, athletes, coaches, and judges.

All members of Birchmount Gymnastics shall refrain from any and all forms of bullying, included but not limited to, verbal, written, electronic or on social media.

Any matters of concern are to be discussed at an appropriate time with the Head Coach of Birchmount Gymnastics Centre. Birchmount Gymnastics Centre is committed to being a "gossip free" gym.

Our Gym Rules

Videos and photos on Birchmount Gymnastics’ website and Facebook page are the property of Birchmount Gymnastics Centre and are not to be copied or transmitted in any fashion.

No photos or videos of any form will be taken by athletes, family members or visitors on the property of Birchmount Gymnastics Centre either inside or outside of the gym.   Parents will be able to take photos/videos at official competitions or during Mini Olympics Week for their own personal use.

Videos or photos required by the gymnast for school assignments will be approved by the Head Coach provided a letter from the school is submitted which provides details of the assignment and how the media will be used.

Photos or videos taken by coaches will be for training purposes only and shall be deleted after use.  Photos and videos may only be posted by the Head Coach on the official Birchmount Gymnastics website or Birchmount Facebook site.

Athletes will show respect to their coaches and teammates at all times.  Poor attitude towards training and coaches can result in being sent home.

Duty of Care

A coach of young athletes has a duty of care which is more onerous than that of a coach of adult athletes. The Head Coach and coaching staff are responsible for setting and monitoring the boundaries between a working relationship and friendship with participants. Birchmount Gymnastics Centre coaches are given clear policy guidelines and extensive training about professional standards and have signed contracts to abide by those policies.

Athletes and parents must respect the boundaries between coach and athlete/parent including but not limited to keeping all contact with the administration of the club and not e-mailing, social messaging or telephoning coaches, sharing private information with coaches, or inviting coaches to social activities.

Coaches must respect the boundaries between coach and athlete/parent including but not limited to ensuring all contact comes from the administration of the club and not e-mailing, social messaging or telephoning athletes or parents, sharing private information with athletes or parents, or inviting athletes or parents to social activities.

All discussions about, but not limited to, class schedules, make-up classes, concerns about your child's training, injury management etc. should take place with the Head Coach and not with the individual coaches.

Parents, spectators and visitors will not coach or give instructions to athletes during competitions or practices and are expected to demonstrate the spirit of sportsmanship and sports leadership.

All members are entitled to understand how athletes are being coached and how classes are organized. Members are expected to gather information through discussions with the Head Coach at an appropriate time in order to ensure accurate information is obtained. Members are expected to bring questions and concerns to the Head Coach in order that continual improvements can be made to our programs.