Birchmount Gymnastics Centre was founded in July, 2002 and opened to the public in September of 2002. While the gym's incubation period may seem short, it actually stems from over a decade of experience in the gymnastics field by Linda Clifford and Ed McCready.  

Linda and Ed have created what they feel is a unique approach to the sport of gymnastics. The focus is on building upon the self-esteem of every athlete, and ensuring that athletes have fun through fitness. If a child has the spirit and will to excel at the sport, Birchmount's coaching team is there to teach the skills, flexibility and conditioning required for success in gymnastics training. Self-esteem, confidence, and a passion to do one's best are all qualities that will be encouraged at Birchmount. 

Linda Clifford has a Masters of Education and holds her NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) Level 2 Men's & Women's Gymnastics. She has over 25 years experience coaching Parent & Tot, Pre-school, Recreational, and Competitive gymnastics, as well as 30 years experience working for the provincial government as a communications and policy director, and vice president responsible for leadership and executive training.  She is currently the President of Gymnastics Ontario,the provincial association responsible for 190 clubs and 100,000 athletes across the province.  

Ed McCready is owner and president of Gymgear Gymnastics Supplies, which supports gymnastics clubs and athletes across Canada. Previously, Ed was Marketing Director of the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) for 14 years. He has been heavily involved in amateur volleyball for 20 years, and has sponsored tournaments for teen athletes.